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“SPACESCRAPER: A Manifold Infrastructure for the Exo-urban Condition”

Stephen Phillips’ SPACESCRAPER: A Manifold Infrastructure for the Exo-urban Condition” skyscraper competition entry is published in Skyscraper for The XXI Century, edited by Carlo Aiello as one of the top designs of the 2006-2008 eVolo Skyscraper Competition in New York City.


Phillips’ 2007 original design for a Spacescraper creatively invents a new speculative world structure with advanced NASA technology that expands urbanity into outer space. Innovative photovoltaic elevators powered by lasers, carbon nanotube fiber structures, and advanced environmental control systems support an extensive universal cable system that houses societal needs on mass scale. Space for individuals, corporations, and entire cities grow to organize within Spacescraper’s continuous exoskeletal form. Derived through a series of digital scripting explorations initiated alongside study of carbon molecular structures, Spacescraper performs as a habitable biomimetic network tethering the Earth’s atmosphere.